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The Joe, Picture This Show, Inc.

Created in 1989, Cartoonist Joseph Young Jr. established a Board Of Directors and created The Joe, Picture This Show, Inc. (JPTS) a 501 (c ) non –profit agency whose mission is to provide a vehicle for young people to express themselves through the arts. Although JPTS has conducted numerous special events and programs the primary division of JPTS is The Hartford Animation and Film Institute (HAFI).

JPTS is housed at Young Studios.

Youth and Adult Classes

Frequently Asked Questions of HAFI

What is HAFI?

HAFI is a program created specifically for the purpose of teaching the art and business of digital animation and film making. It is an education, training and employment program.

What purpose does it serve?

HAFI seeks to serve the youth and adults of the Greater Hartford community by providing job training, educational skills in technology, business, and literacy through the visual arts.

Who will benefit from this program?

One of the key elements that distinguish this program from many others is its cross generation appeal. At risk youth will benefit in gaining educational skills that can be used to strengthen their academics and introduce them to an avenue of constructive expression. Animation is appealing to young women because of its non-traditional employment opportunities. Older youth and adults can benefit from the skills and job-training module. The benefit is one that will affect the entire Greater Hartford community.

Why do we need this program?

HAFI is a unique program. There is no other program like it in our community. We have very gifted artists in our communities who have a strong interest in the area of digital animation and no place to receive affordable instruction. Students will not only learn the process, but will produce a product that will bring a sense of pride to the artist and the city of Hartford.

How much does it cost?

Through the generous donations of local corporations, foundations, civic and non-profit organizations, we have been able to offer this program free of charge for those who qualify. However, a great deal of help is needed to continue. It takes a lot of support to purchase the materials needed to keep our institute open and serving the public. Your support is needed and greatly appreciated.